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  • Is there bussing to camp?
    Yes there will be bus service that will be planned for stops along Bathurst. The bus fee will be confirmed prior to camp and communicated to parents. If you will not be using bussing, please kindly ensure campers are dropped off and picked up on time.
  • What Horseback riding gear is recommended?
    Riders need boots with a 1/2” heel and leggings or pants and knee-high socks. We do recommend campers to have their own properly fitting helmet.
  • Can I send my camper with food or snacks?
    Yes of course please send your camper with any snacks and food they love. These must be in reusable containers that return home each day or week. The camp is a garbage free zone.
  • Is the camp nut-free?
    No - the camp is not nut free. Parents will be required to provide all meals for any overnight camper with nut allergies.
  • What is the No Plastic Policy?
    All campers must Follow the No Plastic Rule: We have one planet and we all need to do our part. No plastic water bottles - only reusable refillable bottles. No zip lock bags - use reusable containers to send your snack All camper garbage - goes back in the backpacks and returns home with the camper. No personal garbage will be disposed of on the farm.
  • Can my child bring their iPad or cell phone to camp?
    Zero Device policy No, please leave them at home. The farm has a Zero device policy so kids are unplugged and immersed in nature. If for any reason they need to call home, supervisors will contact you.
  • What if my child takes medication or has allergies?
    Medication & Allergies All medications need to be sent and any allergies reviewed in person with camp director and counsellors. Please see the camp waivers.
  • Is there a Camp dress code?
    Girls - skirts to the knee, crew-neck t-shirts to the elbow. Campers need to wear leggings and closed toe boots with a small heel during horseback riding and outdoor education hikes. Boys - shorts and t-shirts, plus long pants for riding.
  • What is the Camper Code of Conduct?
    Camper Code of Conduct All campers must abide by camper code of conduct that are in the camper waiver forms signed by parents. Any conduct unbecoming will be communicated to parents and the consequences reviewed.
  • Where can I find the registration form and waiver?
    The detailed registration form is required for all parents to fill out prior to camp. The link is located on our site under the menu "Summer Camps". Here's the link for you!
  • When can we visit the farm?
    All guests must book a guided tour visit to the farm. For the safety of all our animals and guests, Chava Farms is not a self guided farm. Please book a visit request using this form
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