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About Chava Farms

Chava Farms is an innovative charity dedicated to creating a fully accessible Outdoor Community Centre, Regenerative Farm, and Equine and Animal-assisted Learning Facility. Our mission is to empower individuals through the integration of outdoor learning, fostering healthier lifestyles and stronger communities for people of all abilities and economic status. We are committed to promoting environmental stewardship and regenerative farming practices, providing an inclusive and sustainable space for experiential learning and personal growth.

Programs with a real Healing Impact

Our programs are designed to provide immersive healing therapies and experiences for people of all ages and abilities. Our approach is centered around the healing power of animals, fostering deeper connections to nature, our self awareness, and each other.

Through guided equine therapy, animal-assisted learning programs, regenerative farming, and sustainable living practices, we create a space where people can explore, learn, and achieve personal growth, confidence and resilience.


Meet our Founder

Chava Farms was a dream for years that has now become a very special farm founded by Sara Tamar Ackermann. Sara is one of Ontario’s fiercely committed female farmers.  With over 20 years of experience running successful therapeutic programs, Sara is an established entrepreneur and a dedicated member of the Community.


Sara's passion for regenerative farming and her remarkable ability to bring together individuals of all abilities and animals sets her apart. Her intuitive and empathic approach creates truly unparalleled healing experiences.


Sara and her team provide a range of educational and tailored therapeutic programs. These programs are carefully designed to help improve physical, emotional, and mental health, to support resilience and overall well-being.

Join our friendly Volunteer Team!

We are always looking for passionate individuals of all ages and abilities to join our community and help us achieve our mission. Whether you are interested in working with animals, helping support farming practices, or having fun on social media and leading activities for our campers, we have a place for you. Let us know how you can help.

The Waddle Family
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