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I had a dream...

Updated: Jan 25

I have been fascinated with the natural world ever since childhood. I love farms, from the animals to everything that is part of a working farm.

Watching horses move and play in big open fields is one of my favorite things to do.

As a kid, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair was such a special place for me. My mom and I would spend the entire day visiting each and every exhibit.

I loved it so much that it was difficult to move from one exhibit to the next because I would become enthralled whether it be the show cows, the sheep, goats...but the horse coliseum was definitely my home away from home for those 5 days. I would literally be there all week long and take a break from school so I wouldn't miss a thing.

I have such fond memories and I have my mom to thank for that.

She is a great mom and of course encouraged me to learn, explore and discover it all.

From every cow, duck and goat - to the beautiful horses that would just leave me breathless, staring at them in awe in the horseshows and then hanging around the stables, walking up and down the aisles of stalls just to get a glimpse of them walking in and out or getting prepared.

Their movement, powerful energy, their unique personalities and the clip-clop of hooves was music to my heart.

Today, decades later, I have been blessed with this 21 acre parcel and slowly but surely my dream is coming true. The animals are a joy, the campers we welcome are inspiring and the days are very long.

The parents and caregivers of campers who come here for therapeutic and educational experiences continue to remind me how important this farm and the work that we do here truly is.

There's a ton of work to do yet. We've been hard at work putting in all the infrastructure to create our little farm. From shelters and fences, to water lines and hydro service, it's just the beginning of something I know will be beautiful- even if takes a lot mud, hay, manure and goat wrangling. In my heart I know with the help of our generous community this dream will become a beautiful reality we can all share for generations.



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